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Catalog Number 2013.03.02
Object Name Mural
Description This mural has two parts, day and night, painted in acrylic on a concrete wall.
It tells a story about when a meteor fell near Santa Anna,Texas, and the Comanches carried it by travois past Medicine Mounds, near present day Quanah, Texas.
The night side, which is on the right, has a meteor shooting through the sky, right to left. There are two Comanche wariors aiming their bows and arrows at the meteor. The sky is painted black with speckles of white. The mountains in the background are painted green, dark blue and black. There are fourteen tipis, five are colored with black, yellow, and orange, nine are painted white and tan outlined with black. The ground is dark blue and black.
The day side, which is on the left, shows the Comanches carrying the meteor past Medicine Mounds, Texas, which they hold sacred. The top portion has the mounds which are painted brown and black. The sky is bright blue with seven white clouds, that have red outlined underneath them. A black bird is flying to the left of the sun. The sun is rather large and goes above the whole of the mural. It is painted red with black rays, and has yellow and red behind the black rays. There is a black and tan border underneath the top portion.
Below the mounds is a party with seven horses of various colors, six have riders, while the other is carrying a bundle of supplies. The first three horses have women with cradleboards on their backs, all are carrying travois. The fourth horse has a man wearing a warbonnet, he is carrying a travois which has the meteor attached. The fifth horse has a man in a warbonnet, he is leading a horse, which has no rider, but has supplies bundled on it. The tail of the
party is a young boy and his black dog. The ground is red, depicting the red dirt or clay.
Below the mural are seven eagle feathers hanging, the middle is attached to a peyote button. Under the day side is a dark blue and black border with white triangles. Under the night side is a red and black border with yellow triangles.
Artist Quanah Parker Burgess
Collection Quanah Parker Burgess
Search Terms Meteor Story
Quanah Parker Burgess
Medicine Mounds
Santa Anna
Bow and Arrows
Acrylic Panting
Title Meteor Story
Height (in) 906
Width (in) 2142
Medium Acrylic Paint
Received as Purchase